multiplying success
UVO Ventures is a private invest fund which focuses on EdTech and HealthTech enterprises. We support motivated founders with expertise, assets and vision. Our pragmatic approach helps talented entrepreneurs in transforming MVPs into successful profitable businesses
We offer
Wide range of investment types
UVO Ventures has strong expertise in marketing, data analytics, legal, technology, accompanied by successful business experience on tier-1 markets. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience
Access to means of production
UVO Ventures supports its partners with an access to numerous business services and tools, allowing partners to accumulate efforts on most crucial business processes
Access to finance
UVO Ventures is flexible in providing different types of investments depending on strat-up's development stage and its performance indicators
Monitoring & Mentoring
UVO Ventures is oriented on data-driven decisions. Thus, we are always happy to help our partners to construct and effectively use analytical eco-system for reasonable decision making
Projects we support
We support pragmatic business, not the ideas
EdTech | HealthTech
Projects operating on Education or Health markets
Project oriented on Tier-1 countries, with big ($1B+) and researched market
Angel | Pre-seed | Seed
Projects on Early or Growth stages. Already legally established
Highly scaled
Projects that can be scaled significantly in 2-3 years perspective. Have clear strategy for product development
Strong team
Project has own team, including tech specialists. Founders are motivated to develop the product
Already efficient
Project shows steady growth. Generates revenue $3k+ / month. Have strong unit economy
Our major projects
Managing team
Alex Kozenko
Andrew Candela
Valentyna Kopolovich
Legal Officer
Vitalii Kedyk
Venture partner